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Current Methods

Do Not Call

Cold calling doesn't work

If you're in the Home Health and Hospice business you know that attracting more patients to your business is a challenge.

Hospice and Home Health Agencies receive most of their patients from doctor referrals. However they find it hard to find new doctors to collaborate with, even though this is their main source of patients.

This is a challenge for every Health Care Agency. When you visit a doctors office, you have to build a lot of trust within a short time, either over the phone or in person. As experts describe, cold-calling and cold-visiting does not work and leads you time, to lose thousands of dollars in lunches and time

Doctor to Doctor

Personal connections are better

The best way to spread your Home Health Agency is to ask the doctor to refer you to his colleagues if he likes your service. An invitation is the only sure way to gain the business of his friend.

The problem with this is that it's hard to ask your collaborator to refer you. The process is slow, and you can't be sure if his friend is a doctor that has a lot of patients for you and your doctor will probably only make one referral.

Meet Provider Finder

Our service finds your doctors' professional connections to points out the high value doctor connections. This allows you to ask for introductions to doctors that have the most patients to offer to your Home Health Agency or Hospice.

Ask your doctors for the right connections. Spread smart with Provider Finder.

The Medspace Method

Provider Target

Step 1
Medspace performs extensive research using big data to find you leads with the highest value.

Package by David from the Noun Project

Step 2
Medspace sends you a personalized packet with a collection of leads for the week.

Increase profits

Step 3
Use our data to intelligently plot your path, increase efficiency, and improve your success rate.

Why Medspace?

Leads within your network

Our research has shown that Home Health Agencies and Hospices have a significantly higher conversion rate when contacting leads within their network - contacting friends of their doctor collaborators. Medspace uses advanced technologies to analyze your network and find doctors most likely to work with you.

More powerful leads

Medspace allows you to surround yourself with doctors that will provide a lot of value to your agency in terms of patient referrals. Our lead profiles will include valuable details such as the lead's insurance profile, contact number and how many times he refers to Home Health Hospice a year.

Effective targeting

Medspace helps you steer clear of doctors who don't have any business to share with your Home Health Agency or Hospice. We examine each lead's referral profile to ensure that they don't have existing exclusive relationships with other providers. We deliver leads with low competition to give you the competitive edge.

The Value

Without Medspace

Before Medspace

With Medspace

After Medspace

What is so valuable about doctor connections?


of HHA patients come from doctor recommendations


patients per doctor a year


average profit per patient

$16,500 to $120,000

per doctor connection

Why do I want to use personalized leads?

Business relationships are based off of trust. Before a business collaboration is created, both businesses must be able to know the validity of each others business. If your agency doesn't have a relationship with a doctor, the chance of your agency's success with the doctor is significantly reduced.

Medspace provides you with second degree connections

How are personalized leads better than any doctor leads?

We provide a Home Health Agency or Hospice Care with their second degree doctor connections. Meaning that, we provide the first degree connections of the doctors that the Home Health Agency already works with. This will allow the liaison to create a trustworthy first impression upon visiting the doctor lead, increasing the chance of referral and thus business growth forthe agency.